Thinking of taking up e-cigarettes to quit smoking but not sure if they are safer than normal cigarettes? Read on to know if Electronic Cigarettes are better than traditional ones.

Electronic Cigarette History

electronic-cigaretteE-cigarettes were invented back in 2003 by a middle-aged Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik. Hon had lost his own father to lung cancer and wanted to invent something that would be a safer option for billions of smokers across the world. E-cigarettes are Hon’s brainchild and are being seen as a safer alternative for people who cannot kick their smoking habit.

Electronic Cigarette Vs Real Cigarette

An E-cigarette looks and functions almost like a traditional cigarette but is far less harmful. Here is why.

Absence of Tobacco

E-cigarettes contain tobacco flavor but not the actual substance. Prolonged intake of tobacco can give rise to health complications like strokes, heart attacks, emphysema, COPD and cancer. The absence of tobacco naturally makes e-cigarettes brands a better option.

Lack of smell

Unlike normal cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not emit any smell. This removes any chance of passive smoking for friends and family members of e-cigarette smokers. There is no bad odor on the mouth or clothes of smokers either as the nicotine vapor vanishes very quickly.

Absence of staining

E-cigarettes do not leave yellow stains on the teeth of smokers, unlike traditional cigarettes.


A huge advantage of e-cigarettes lies in the fact that you do not have to light them. This makes them free to be used in places like bed where normal cigarettes can leave messy ashes and burn sheets. An orange LED light on the tip of these devices makes them look like burning cigarettes.


For buyers of e-cigarettes price is an attractive factor. E-cigarettes cost less than traditional ones and a pack of 5 e-cigarettes come in about $6.50.

Electronic Cigarette And Cancer

Lung and mouth cancer are very common from intake of normal cigarettes. E-cigarettes are devoid of 4000 carcinogenic (cancer causing) substances such as tobacco, sulfuric acid, tar and carbon monoxide. Because of this, the device does not give rise to cancer. The e-cigarettes juice contains ingredients like nicotine, propylene glycol and tobacco scent which are non-carcinogenic in nature.

Electronic Cigarette And Asthma

E-cigarettes kill any risk of respiratory disorder. Traditional cigarettes contain additives, paper, glue and tobacco which when burned can give rise to respiratory diseases like asthma. Electronic cigarettes contain none of these substances.

Are E-Cigarettes Safer Than Normal Cigarettes?

Nicotine intake continues to be a threat even in the electronic cigarette and FDA’s refusal to give it a clean chit just confirms its health hazard. But unlike actual cigarettes, it does not contain carcinogenic substances. Traditional cigarettes have long been a reason for cancer and there is no carcinogenic risk for e-cigarettes buyers.

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