Some facts related to Sex can be an indication of hidden medical issues. A healthy sex life is a source of comfort and satisfaction. When these situations get uncomfortable and not joyful and then don’t blame your partner. May be there are some medical issues with your body. Take these issues positively and try to solve them.

A researcher Debby Herbenick, An associate director at the center of Sexual Health Promotion at the University of Indiana says that the Sex and the health are the reflection of each other. He further says Sex is still considered as a Taboo so, we don’t talk openly about it and ultimately we separate it from health.

Here are 7 physical problems that be a part of Women’s sexual life. It can affect the quality and quantity of their sexual life.

  1. Avoiding Sex due to Pain

    Problem: Vulvodynia.

    It is also known as Pain Syndrome.In 2010, it was found in a Survey of American Sex lives in 20 years that 30% of women feels pain during their Sex.

    Pain can be due to the insufficient foreplay or touching of Penis with the Cervix. Many of women reports about burning sensation even when they are not having Sex. This can be due to the Pain Syndrome, which is also known as Vulvodynia. Almost 1 in 5 women experience this Syndrome at some point of their life.


    Consult a Gynecologist for this Syndrome. Treatment of Pain Syndrome can solve this issue. Doctor with the Vulvovaginal Specialty would be best for your treatment. This Therapy may include drugs to stop the sensation of pain.

  2. Difficulty in Achieving Orgasm

    Problem : Diabetes

    Many people feel difficulty in achieving Orgasm; many factors contribute to this situation like pain, side effects of medicines etc. Diabetes is also a main factor of this problem. In a study of 2010, it was found that 2,000 people aged from 57 to 85 that they find difficulty in achieving Orgasm.

    Diabetes can destroy the Nerves and Blood Vessels. These Nerves send the signals to the Brain, which helps in the Sexual stimulation. The decreased flow of Blood to Blood Vessels may contribute to this issue.


    If you are not diagnosed with diabetes but you are still facing this problem then you should see a doctor, may be you developing Diabetes.

    If you are a Diabetic patient then don’t feel shy to share this condition with your doctor. The doctor may help you in the treatment.

    Better Glucose control can improve this condition.

  3. You don’t Lubricate Sufficiently

    You don’t lubricate much, when you are aroused.

    Problem: An indication of unhealthy Heart

    Many women suffer from the condition of vaginal dryness. It is mostly due to the side effect of Hormonal changes at Perimenopause and after Menopause. If you are under 45 years of age and you are suffering from this condition then you might have some Heart problem.

    Lubrication comes from Hormones and fluid in the Blood. If there is any problem with the flow of Blood, it can be an indication of cardiovascular disease.

    Men face this problem in the form of Erectile Dysfunction.

    Smokers develop vaginal dryness. Women who use Nicotine Gums have chance to develop to develop this condition.


    If you suffer from the symptoms like Fatigue, Heartburn and shortness of breath, immediately consult a doctor. These conditions can also be due to early Menopause, Perimenopause and side effects of medicines.

    A doctor may also suggest you artificial lubricants, those may help you in the process of lubrication.

  4. You are Mostly not in a Mood of Sex

    Problem: low Testosterone level

    Men and women both contain this hormone; males have more amount of it. This hormone is linked to desire, both in men and women. Before Menopause, the level of Testosterone falls to half as compare when women are in their 20s.


    If the women’s health is good and their relationship is good with their partners then doctors mostly ask about the Hormone level.

    Many women have a good effect of supplemental Testosterone when they have the hormonal problem.

    An Adrenal material known as DHEA is sold to cure the low desire but it is still not regulated properly. This material can also cause damage to Liver, if you in excessive amount.

  5. You are Never in a Mood of Sex or Making Love

    Problem: Depression – Side effect of medication for depression.

    Loss of interest in making love and other such activities, most of all above is major sign of Depression.

    The treatment of Depression and side effect of Antidepressant medicines can create the similar effect, which can ultimately decrease the desire.

    The consumption of Antidepressants can cause 30 to 70% difficulty in Arousal.


    If you feel unenergetic and feel other symptoms like Depression and stress, consult this problem with your doctor. Clinical Depression is treatable. It can be treated with the Talk Therapy and other medicines.

    If this condition is due to the side effects of Antidepressants then ask your doctor for the medicines, which have less sexual side effects or ask for decreasing the dosage of medicine.

    Sometimes doctor suggests their patients to quit the medicines for 1 or 2 days so that Libido flourishes without increasing the risk of Depression returning.

  6. Bad Vaginal Odor

    Problem: Bacterial Vaginosis

    The Gynecologist Elizabeth G. Stewart says that it is the main cause of Vaginal Problems. It can also be caused by the Yeast Infection. It is basically not an infection; it is an imbalance in the Bacteria, which is found in Vagina. Lactobacilli are the Bacteria that are found in Vagina.  These bacteria sometimes disappear and other types grow. These change the Acid-Base balance of Vagina to the alkaline nature and ultimately cause smell in Vagina. This smell is like smell of Ammonia or like a smell of dead Fish.

    Yeast Infection can cause smelling discharge. Combo Yeast- BV infections can also take place.


    Consult a Gynecologist and share these symptoms with her. It is good to get this infection checked by a doctor rather than treating yourself. The Untreated Bacterial Vagionosis can lead to more problems like it can cause Pelvic Inflammatory diseases and Preterm delivery in pregnant women.

    The Oral and Vaginal medicines are effective for the vaginal treatment.

  7. Leakage Of  Urine During Sex

    Problem: Stress Incontinence

    Stress is caused by the damaged muscles and women also get wet due to Orgasm. Leakage of Urine at any time during Sex is not normal. It is mostly due to stress incontinence in women.

    Multiple pregnancies and vaginal deliveries can also lead to this factor. Other risks may include Smoking, obesity, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Asthma. Asthma can cause deadly coughing. Almost 1 in 3 women suffer from this condition, worrying about future can stop such people from having Sex altogether.


    There are many ways to stop the Urinary incontinence. The simplest way is to avoid having liquids few hours before having Sex. Trying different postures during Sex or rear or side entry like take pressure off a woman’s Bladder or Urethra.

    An Urologist specialized in Incontinence can help you for the Pelvis floor exercises medications or a surgery that will be good for the treatment of this condition.

    Sexual life is changed with the increase in age. It does not remain that much joyful as it is in young age but still there are some problems which appear due to some medical issues and we take them for granted, ultimately they grows ruining our Sexual life and relations.

    If you are also suffering from any such problem, consult it with your doctor. They might help you in the treatment of these problems.

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