Teeth Tartar

Tartar is also known as calculus. It’s an indurate version of bacterial plaque over your teeth. It happens because of teethprolonged deposition of saliva minerals. Improper care can worsen the situation further. So consulting with your dentist is the first thing you need to do. Along with consulting with your dentist, some easy home cures can also provide you with some effective help.

•    Application of tomatoes as well as strawberries (supplier of vitamin C) has also been found to be beneficial for removing tartar. Place these over your teeth for almost five minutes & then wash your mouth with the mixture of baking soda & hot water.

•    You can also use the dental pick to scrap the yellow colour tartar. Always remember to rinse your mouth with water frequently.

•    Firstly you need to buy hydrogen peroxide or antiseptic mouth washer. Mix it (10 ml approx) with plan water & gargle for almost a minute. This process would help you to oxygenate the gums as well as teeth area, which leads to removing the tartar.

•    After finishing your gargling you should go for flossing your teeth well. Flossing has been identified to be quite helpful for removing tartar.

•    Create a mixture of aloe vera gel (1 tsp) along with water (1 cup), lemon essential oil (10 drops), vegetable glycerine (4 tsp) & baking soda (1/2 cup). Mix well all the ingredients & use it for scrubbing your teeth regularly.

•    Prepare a mixture of salt along with baking soda. Use this mixture for brushing your teeth (make your brush wet & plunge into the mixture).

•    While purchasing toothbrush make sure it is effective for removing tartar. Sometimes electric toothbrush comes as a great reliever. Figure out brushes that contain nylon bristles. It works softly over enamels & harshly over tartar.

•    Almost after an hour of your meal you can chew some melon or apple to clear your teeth. It will help to keep your healthy gum.

•    For fighting against microorganism orange peel has been identified to be very effective. You can smear it over your teeth directly.

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